The path to competitive advantage for most sales, service, and support teams starts with learning faster than the competition.

To do that, we've created the fastest, most engaging, social learning and development platform ever built.

comCOACHgo delivers your practical, targeted learning experiences in super short micro-bites that are highly engaging. You control the topics and the timing. Your people positively compete and learn with and from their peers.

At the convergence of the top 6 trends in behavior change learning is comCOACHgo

So much to know, and so little time!

comCOACHgo™ - How to Maximize the Impact of any Team Member.
What’s comCOACHgo?
It’s a mobile app that delivers quick social learning, driven by positive competition, topped off with a peer-created reference library of current relevant skills, strategies, and insights. All of which deliver the “know how” and “how to” required to do the job better.
The best part?
It couldn’t be faster or easier.
Just watch the video from your coach, record your short response, view peer responses and swipe right or left to score them.

That’s it!

6 Trends of behavior change

comCOACHgo develops teams of people that need to stay sharp and in particular interact with others.

A sample of the kinds of teams it works great for:

Sales Customer Service Hospitality Network Marketing
Trade Services (HVAC, Plumbing…) Distribution (Sales Service Support)
Contact Center Tech Support Collections Installers

comCOACHgo is a cutting edge app that combines the ease and familiarity of current social media applications with performance enhancing, real-time practice of workplace skillsets.

It makes use of social learning, rapid feedback, positive competition, and recognition.


A preview of the features include

Coach driven targeted video challenges

Rapid peer assessment

Recognition, rewards, fun

Leaderboards and countdown clock

Actionable coaching to amplify insight and abilities

A library of short useable solutions accessible from anywhere, anytime


The Most Effective Way to Develop Competence, Confidence, and Consistency in
Service, Sales and Support Professionals is

“Performance Conditioning®

Powered by comCOACHgo


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The fastest, most engaging, social learning and development platform ever built.

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